Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Perfect Pants

Ok ladies, hold the phone...I have found the PERFECT pair of pants. The J Crew Minnies. They are stretchy without being spandex-y...the are a great length to wear with flats...they are casual chick, dressy but not too dressy...I have not found a single problem with them! Oh and to boot...I had to go down a size in these! (I've read other reviews, most everyone has sadly it's not that I've lost weight, it's just the cut of the pants and the fabric). I have a black pair and I wear them, oh maybe, 2 times a week. I think I might invest in another color, or maybe I'll just get another pair of black so that I can wear them EVERYDAY! Ha! No but serious, you need to try them. They just might change your life :) Ha!

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