Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where I'd Rather Be Wednesday

This week I'd Rather Kaua'i, Hawaii!

When I 8, my favorite movie was Blue Hawaii. Everything about the entire movie fascinated me... It was my first Elvis Presley movie....and I knew every word to all the songs. That movie had it all...romance, music, and a perfect setting. So from that time, I knew I just had to go to Hawaii one day. And while that day has not yet come, I know it will! I have faith! I mean the BF loves any place with a Hawaii should be easy to convince, right :)

Ok, so why Kaua'i? Well Kaua'i is the Garden Island...and for some unknown reason every time I look at a map of the islands of Hawaii, I always pick out Kaua'i...who knows!!

Below are pics of the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa. Doesn't it look magical?! Can you even imagine spending a whole week here?! I found plenty of activities to do in on Kaua'i also. These include: a zip-line tour through the jungle, a downhill bike tour through Waimea Canyon, horseback ride at Silver Falls Ranch, and a cruise on the Wailua River to the Fern Grotto. If work wasn't so busy I would explain more about these activities...but for now enjoy the pics!

This is an overview of the resort.

Can't you imagine this guy going to a pig roast, right after this... He looks so Hawaiian!

Of course, they have a couples massage at their spa!

And I could just look at this view forever...

And layout by this lagoon....

And I know the BF would love the water slides :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eye Candy

Mark Sanchez- former USC quarterback, drafted to NY Jets.... This picture makes my Thursday a little better... hope it brightens your day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Cougar

Has anyone out there been watching The Cougar? (On TV Land Wednesday nights 9PM.) Since I don't have any shows on Wednesday I will occasionally watch this new show. It was created by the same people that created The Bachelor, but ovi this has a premise of an older woman looking for a younger man.

But I've noticed something about this Cougar (whose name is Stacey)...she apparently doesn't like it when the suitors tell her that they love her. Everyone one of the boys that has said 'I love you' to her has been dismissed at the next 'Kiss Off' ceremony. Now isn't the point of this show to fall in love? Why are you sending home the guys who say 'I love you'?

**On a side note...this 'Kiss Off' ceremony is hilarious...instead of the boys receiving a rose or not receiving a rose to determine if they stay or go, each one has to walk up to The Cougar and try to kiss her. If she turns and he kisses her check, then the boy must go home....but if she lets them kiss her, they can stay. And trust me, it's awkward.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where I'd Rather Be Wednesday

This Wednesday I'd rather be.... in Waco, Texas studying for finals!Alright, I know it's not a great vacation place, but during this time of year I always wish I could go back to my time in college...specifically during finals. Ok, so call me crazy...but my favorite time of the year in college was finals! I loved everything about finals! I love the crazy, stay up all night studying that comes witht was truly a bonding time for me with whomever I was studying with (usually AMP, KKS and whatever Sig Eps happened to be studying at our apartment). I think there is something magical on Baylor's campus during finals...everyone knows the end is so near, but the finals draw people together. You start talking to people in your classes that you usually didn't talk with. You start actually learning about the classes you are taking! (Or maybe that was just me?) Everyone during finals is's crazy to think about! There always seemed a point during finals where you were like "I'm going to fail this test, fail this class, never get a job, my life is over." But the some study partner would just hand you another Red Bull or Monster and you would pull through. And then suddenly the finals are over and you get SUMMER! No school, no responsibilities....just great weather and the pool.

So in remembrance of my college days I would rather be at Baylor in Waco, TX freaking out over studying for finals....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bride Wars

So I have had weddings on the brain recently....let's blame it on the 3 wedding showers and 1 wedding I have attended in the past month and the 2 weddings I have coming up in the next month. Well with the BF out of town for a few days, I decided it would be the perfect time to indulge myself in a girly flick...and with weddings in my mind of course I picked up Bride Wars from the local Blockbuster. OMG, AMP (ie- bestie).....have you seen this?! If not, you must rent it. And watch without AKD (ie- bestie's BF). This is us if we get engaged in the same time period.

Seriously...she's brunette, I'm blonde. She's creative, I'm analytical. We're both competitive, but loving people...who would go insane just like the girls in the movie if our weddings were booked on the same day. This is truly a movie all girls can relate to because it is very similar to the way girls fight in real life....a little dirty because we know the deepest, darkest secrets and fears, but in a way where we would never, ever want to hurt the other because bestie love will always be there. There is a scene in the movie where Kate Hudson says "I miss my friend." I cried...I have been there. I have been in a fight with the bestie where I am so mad at her, but she is the only person who can comfort me at the same time. Guys just don't understand this kind of friendship. Miranda and Carrie had it....Liv and Emma in Bride Wars have it...and AMP and I have it. I love you bestie...thanks for always being there for me. Thanks for teaching me to be a stronger person like you and for always being there for me. But do not even dare get engaged during the time I am getting married :) Or else it's on!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus Eight

According to US Weekly and basically every other gossip website, the dad (Jon) from TLC's Jon and Kate Plus Eight is cheating on his wife. I hate to believe this! Please say it isn't so!

Jon and Kate Plus Eight is in my top 5 favorite is DVR'd every time it comes on TV...I don't even mind watching the reruns. I am not a big laugh-out-louder...people have even commented on the fact that I rarely laugh at loud while watching a funny TV show. But the kids on this show literally make me laugh out loud. I usually watch this show alone because the BF does not enjoy the screaming and crying kids as much as I do and I always end up cracking up. I think this is one of the few unscripted reality TV shows out there that I actually believe this is the people's real lives. You can't make kids have the response they do! Yes, Jon and Kate bicker in the show...and yes, she nags him...but it's kind of refreshing to see real people interact. I totally understand why Kate wants them in their play clothes and not going out clothes sometimes...and I also totally understand that Jon does not see a difference in these at all (he's a boy). And I totally relate to Kate getting on her hands and knees every day to clean her kitchen floor and not accepting a maid who won't do that. Basically, I get Kate. Yes, to some she might come off as mean or bossy but she has to look after eight kids....cut her some slack.

So when I saw these articles on Jon cheating on Kate with a 24-year was a little devastating... All I can say is that I hope it's not true...maybe they released this story to boost the ratings for their upcoming 5th season? (Although, that's sick...and I can't even believe people who do that!) In the mean time I will just keep on hoping for my dream of multiples (bet ya didn't know that about me!).


Sooo sorry to all my loyal blogger readers out there...I have been MIA lately...last week I was just not in the blogging mood and this week has been super busy at work! But I promise some new posts are coming soon :)

I have been thinking about my blog and the direction I want to go with it... Do I want to make it more of a journal format (i.e.- what's going on in my life). Or maybe all reality TV...since apparently it is taking over my life :) Or all about travel because I am obsessed. Or should I just keep it a mix of all of the above? Any thought from my readers? (Comments would be greatly appreciated and there might even be a treat for those who do!!)