Monday, June 1, 2009

St. Elmo's Fire

While I was at RND's apartment this weeknd, I was browsing her movie collection and came upon St. Elmo's Fire. Since I love 80's movies and I had never seen this one, RND was nice enough to let me borrow it. (Thanks!!)

The movie is about a group of friends and their 1st year out of college...and since I am about a year and 1/2 out, I fully related with this movie. In fact, at brunch with the lovely LEB this Sunday we were discussing our life since college and how much different it is than we thought it would be. LEB mentioned that she thought colleges should prepare us in some way for the fact that grown-up life is hard and basically to not expect everything to be as completely perfect as you thought it would be. My reply to that is that if college told us that then I would still be in college and never graduate :)

St. Elmo's Fire takes you through the very real job gains and losses, relationship changes, family changes, etc that happen after college. And it reminded me that I am not the only person who misses college and most significantly the simplicity of life in college..