Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well- I did it...I got bangs. And now I don't think I like them! I feel like I have a wig on and I don't even recognize myself in the mirror....it's surreal.

I had been thinking about getting bangs because I have had the same look since well 3rd grade when I grew my bangs out. And bangs look so good on Heidi Klum! So I took the plunge and did it...and now I have decided I need to wait a full 2 weeks before I decided to wear headbands for the next like 4 months or if I really like them... So thoughts- you like?

N.O. Brew Iced Coffee

After giving up coffee and most forms of caffeine for the last few months (and BTW, sweet tea does not count as caffeine in my opinion as it is a staple in my diet) ...anyways, so I have decided recently to get back on the caffeine band wagon. It started from an obsession with the London Fog tea at Starbucks... Doesn't the name just make you want to be all cozy in a cashmere sweater reading a good Danielle Steele book on a rainy day?! This obsession though started to make a slight dent in my AMEX bill...

Well, while shopping at Whole Foods last week I discovered N.O. Brew Iced Coffee. The idea to me was great- it's pre-brewed coffee that you just add milk and sweetner to! The idea seemed simple enough, but the real question was the taste. And guess what- it's awesome!!! Even my non-coffee loving BF enjoys it...now that is a miracle. And I am saving money! I truly am a recessionista :)

First Post Ever

So I have decided to start a blog!! I've never done anything like this and I am not a writer by any means... but I have been enjoying reading so many other people's blogs that I have decided to give it a try. Hope you all enjoy :)